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President & CEO Gary Lyons
Gary Lyons
President & CEO
  • ‘Old School’ but has no issue remaining modern in order to stay above the competition
  • 47 years of experience in the produce industry. First job in a warehouse at age 12.
  • Face to face & calling > texting & e-mail : but willing to balance all forms of communication
  • Quick to “burn out the fire”. Produce is ever changing. Need to flexible. Not a lot of time from when the product is ready to when the customer wants it on their dock. There are few that know it better than Gary.
  • Active in the community, but would rather stay behind the scenes. Not interested in being recognized for donations. Very humble.
  • WMU Grad - Food Marketing
Senior Director Steve Lyons
Steve Lyons
Senior Director
  • GVSU Grad - Supply Chain Management and Sales/Marketing
  • Assisted the development of an auto service company prior to beginning the next chapter of Vine Line (formerly known as Custom Logistics, Inc.)
  • Manager of Vine Line Trucking (Freight, Dispatch, Maintenance, Drivers, etc.)
  • Grew up around the produce industry given the father-son relationship with the owner.
General Manager Spencer Lyons
Spencer Lyons
General Manager
  • WMU Grad - Food Marketing
  • Worked for Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) for 2 years post-college and learned the “ins and outs” of transportation brokerage
  • Worked in a produce warehouse in high-school and college
  • Versed in the all the service areas of Vine Line Logistics as the oldest member of the team alongside his father Gary Lyons.
Controller Rex Welbon
Rex Welbon
  • Rex Welbon has 29 years of experience in management, finance and credit. Rex was an accountant for a heating and cooling contractor in Grand Rapids from 1985 to 1987 and then worked for The Drueke Company as an accountant from 1987 to 1990. In 1990 he went to the Western Michigan chapter of the National Association of Credit Management to work as an accountant and soon became the organization’s Chief Financial Officer. In 2003 Rex was promoted to President of the organization – a position he held until 2008 when the organization merged and become National Association of Credit Management Great Lakes Region covering three states. He assumed the title of Chief Financial Officer of the new organization. In 2010, Rex left NACM Great Lakes Region to form a new business venture and pursue his interest in consulting.
  • Rex joined the Lyons’ organization in 2013, which includes Vine Line Logistics, Inc., as Controller.
  • Rex serves on the Board of Directors of Grand Rapids Consumers Credit Union and is the Vice President of the Board. He is an active member of the Optimist Club of Grand Rapids and serves as the organization’s Secretary and Treasurer. He is also a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.
Carrier Development Manager Eric Duprey
Eric Duprey
Carrier Development Manager
  • Eric is our newest team member as of April 2017 assisting developing our carrier network.
Logistics Coordinator Gabrielle Ferski
Gabrielle Ferski
Logistics Coordinator
  • A wealth of transportation knowledge and experience. If there’s a truck available, she finds it.
  • Works around the clock.
  • Worked previously at another produce company, and therefore is well versed within the produce transportation industry.