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President & CEO Gary Lyons
Gary Lyons
President & CEO
  • ‘Old School’ but has no issue remaining modern in order to stay above the competition
  • 47 years of experience in the produce industry. First job in a warehouse at age 12.
  • Face to face & calling > texting & e-mail : but willing to balance all forms of communication
  • Quick to “burn out the fire”. Produce is ever changing. Need to flexible. Not a lot of time from when the product is ready to when the customer wants it on their dock. There are few that know it better than Gary.
  • Active in the community, but would rather stay behind the scenes. Not interested in being recognized for donations. Very humble.
  • WMU Grad - Food Marketing
Director of Logistics Steve Lyons
Steve Lyons
Director of Logistics
  • Steve joined the team in September of 2013.
  • Grand Valley State University Alumni - Supply Chain Management and Sales/Marketing
  • Assisted the development of an auto service company prior to beginning the next chapter of Vine Line (formerly known as Custom Logistics, Inc.)
  • Grew up around the produce industry given the father-son relationship with the owner.
Logistics Sales, LTL Specialist Spencer Lyons
Spencer Lyons
Logistics Sales, LTL Specialist
  • Spencer joined the team in April of 2011.
  • Versed in all the service areas of Vine Line Logistics as the oldest member of the team alongside his father Gary Lyons.
  • Western Michigan University Alumni - Food Marketing
  • Worked for Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) for 2 years post-college and learned the “ins and outs” of transportation brokerage
  • Worked in a produce warehouse in high-school and college.
Carrier Development Manager Eric Duprey
Eric Duprey
Carrier Development Manager
  • Eric joined our team in April of 2017 developing our Carrier Network.
  • GVSU Alumni - Operations, Procurement & Supply Chain Management
Dispatcher / Customer Service Associate Matthew Nugent
Matthew Nugent
Dispatcher / Customer Service Associate
  • Matt joined our team in April of 2019 to support the dispatching/track & trace of our growing freight network.
  • Northwood University Alumni - Business Administration and Management
Logistics Sales Anne Nagle
Anne Nagle
Logistics Sales
  • Anne joined our team in November of 2019 to support our new business development initiative.
  • She comes with us a wealth of refrigerated and produce transportation knowledge and experience.